COVID-19: Attending Stradbroke Community Centre for recreational purposes from 10th December 2021 – Guidance for group leaders


NEW ADVICE (subject to continual review, may change at any time and can be viewed at

-Last updated 10th December 2021 to reflect changes related to HM Government implementation of “Plan B”, following the emergence of the Omicron variant.

-First Published 22nd July 2020

The rules have been put in place based on Government advice, publicly available scientific information and our own internal risk assessment.

All persons should thoroughly wash / sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the building. In addition to the normal facilities, hand sanitizer dispensers are available in both the foyer and main hall.

We recommend that all persons in the building continue to socially distance wherever possible.

Parents dropping off / collecting children are not to enter the building unless neccessary and are asked to wait outside in a socially distanced manner.

The use of face masks within the building is now mandatory once again at all times for all persons over the age of 11, unless medically exempt. The medical exemption does NOT apply to group leaders or staff members. Individual groups/service providers who need to provide masks to their users should provide them free of charge.

People over 70 and those with existing medical conditions (particularly respiratory conditions) are welcome, but should consider whether their visit is necessary, especially if they are not fully vaccinated.

In order to provide a “buffer” between groups, group leaders/staff should not enter the building more than 15 minutes before the advertised start time of their activity. Attendees should not be permitted to enter more than 5 minutes before the advertised start time and all persons should leave the building within 15 minutes of the end of the booking.

Groups must limit themselves to only the areas and equipment required in order to undertake their activity

Access to “The Helen Klymczuk Suite”and the curtained cubicle in the main hall is not permitted at ANY time as these are now “Clinically safe” areas.

The area of the main hall usable by community groups may be temporarily reduced, subject to operational requirements, using partitions, to provide separated areas for family health clinics. Any such partitions may NOT be moved or removed under ANY circumstances.

All hard surfaces (tables/chairs etc) MUST be sanitized with anti-viral spray/wipes before groups leave the building. Although we do have a small supply of spray available, this is only checked once daily so groups are recommended to keep their own supply to ensure availability.

We recommend that only sealed, pre-packaged food and drink be brought on site, however this is no longer a requirement.

The name and contact details of everyone attending the site who has not scanned the QR code at the entrance using the NHS Covid-19 app may be obtained at each session, kept by the group leader for 21 days and provided to the Community Centre management team on request for the purposes of contact tracing.

Everyone entering the building does so at their own risk, and must agree to periodic random CCTV monitoring of public areas of the building to ensure safe practices are in place.

Group Leaders are permitted to put more stringent rules in place should they wish to do so, provided they advise the management committee in advance and the rules are no less restrictive than those published here.

All groups are responsible for ensuring adherence to these rules and any wider legislation which may apply to their attendees whilst occupying the building.

In the event that the Community Association receives a fine, or other financial penalty, resulting from a groups lack of compliance with Covid-19 restrictions, we reserve the right to pass on the full cost, plus a reasonable administration charge to the relevant group(s).

Any groups which do not adhere to the above rules will not be permitted to use the building again until restrictions are lifted.

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