Aug 012021

NEW RULES (subject to continual review, may change at any time, last update 10/12/21):

More detailed information for group leaders is available by clicking here. 

The rules have been put in place based on Government advice, publicly available scientific information and our own internal risk assessment.

Please thoroughly wash / sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the building. In addition to the normal facilities, hand sanitiser dispensers are available in both the foyer and main hall.

Parents dropping off or collecting children should not enter the building where possible and should wait outside the main entrance in a socially distanced manner.

It is now once again mandatory for all persons over the age of 11 to wear a face mask at all times within the entire building unless you have a valid medical exemption. For further information, please speak to the Group Leader/Service Provider Staff. 

People over 70 and those with existing medical conditions (particularly respiratory conditions) are welcome, but you should consider whether your visit is necessary, especially if you are not fully vaccinated.

We recommend that only sealed, pre-packaged food and drink be brought on site, however this is no longer a requirement.

You may be asked to either scan the QR code at the entrance to the building using the NHS Covid-19 app, or supply your name and contact details to the group leader. We would appreciate your assistance with this. This information will be kept for 21 days for possible contact tracing. 

Everyone entering the building does so at their own risk, and must agree to periodic random cctv monitoring of public areas of the building to ensure safe practices are in place.

All persons must follow the instructions of staff/group leaders regarding Covid-19 at all times, even if the instruction is less permissive than these rules.

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