Jul 222020

NEW RULES (subject to continual review, may change at any time, last update 22/7/20):

The rules have been put in place based on Government advice, publicly available scientific information and our own internal risk assessment.

All persons should thoroughly wash / sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the building. In addition to the normal facilities, hand sanitiser dispensers are available in both the foyer and main hall.

All persons in the building must remain at least 2m apart wherever possible, or a minimum of 1m apart where 2m is not practical.

Face masks must be worn by everyone, at all times within the entire building. People who do not have face masks may be provided with one or be denied entry at the discretion of the group leader, 

Children under the age of 5 are exempt from wearing face masks but must remain with their parent/carer at all times and not mix with anyone else.

People with a valid medical mask exemption may attend, but should not mix with other people. We would however remind them that they are at greater risk and should consider whether they really need to attend.

People without a valid exemption who refuse to wear a face mask due to their own personal opinions will not be permitted to enter the building. While we agree that people are entitled to their own opinions, we are not prepared to take any unnecessary risks. The only exception to this is patients attending a pre-booked NHS appointment who may be admitted at the discretion of the clinical staff on duty.

People over 70 and those with existing medical conditions (particularly respiratory conditions) are welcome, but should consider whether their visit is necessary.

Only sealed, pre-packaged food and drink may be brought on site, with the exception of personal drinks in containers that will not be used by anyone else.

If you are attending for recreational purposes, you will be required to supply your name, address, and contact telephone number to the group leader. This information will be kept for 21 days for possible contact tracing. Anyone refusing to supply this information without good reason may not permitted to enter the building.

Everyone entering the building does so at their own risk, and must agree to periodic random cctv monitoring of public areas of the building to ensure safe practices are in place.

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